Sep. 21, 2018

Saint Seiya Legend Of Sanctuary Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

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Warriors called "Saints" are the champions of hope who have always appeared since the Age of Myth whenever evil threatens the world. In this present day story, many years since the long ...DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



































Warriors called "Saints" are the champions of hope who have always appeared since the Age of Myth whenever evil threatens the world. In this present day story, many years since the long fought "Holy War" we find Saori Kido, a girl troubled by her mysterious powers. She is saved by a boy, Seiya "Bronze Saint" from a sudden attack by an assassin, through the accident Saori realizes her destiny and mission and decides to go to "Sanctuary" with Seiya and his company of Bronze Saints. In Sanctuary they confront "Pope" and wage a desperate battle against the greatest Saints, the "Gold Saints". Well, if I wanted to watch the same story as the original, but now in 3D, I could just play the PS3 game. I loved it! And I grew up with Saint Seiya on the 90's. What I like the most is that its original, non repetitive, and the effects are great. People who criticize the movie need to open their minds a bit and understand that when you bring new versions of an anime or movies you need to change stuff around, otherwise it would be boring and predictable. I love the original script, don't get me wrong, but this movie shows a "what if" the original was little different, like actually make a gild saint a girl like Milo. I believe it looks more real, and come on! ya'll already grown up! Don't expect to be impressed with stuff that you saw when you were 10 o 15. Let things change a little bit and appreciate the art and animation that new generations are bringing. Its like watching an extra ending! Yes, it lack depth, but what did you expect in 90 minutes? At least shows the attraction between Seiya and Saori, and full hatred from Saga. The rest could be explained in some other future adaptations. Keep an open mind peeps, and enjoy this movie as if you have never have watched Saint Seiya before. It's a rather patchwork of disjointed and poorly explained situations, it has so many loose ends, that only a legitimate fan of anime and manga is able to see a logical script line. Despite presenting a very good CGI,lush scenery and characters with huge potential the movie fails miserably in creating a new audience for Saint Seiya universe and please the old fans. Analyzing purely as a common movie, it's just mediocre and will be easily forgotten by youngers ... The final script brink of chaos, undergoes a bewildering do speeds up precisely in the huge point of this movie, where should really be about, the battles. Whitch are the base point of original saga plot. Here, only three can be described as the level of what is expected of the franchise, the other comes down in one or two hits and go for resounding defeats. One of the main character has a death that takes seconds to happen without even a real confrontation. This movie completely lost the basic points of the original plot. However the Saint Seya universe does not allow the film to be classified as just a kids movie. All a dark tone, violent, while psychologically loaded, with cursing, self motivation speeches and mantras about friendship and trust were exchanged with a jocular tone, with dry and empy dialogs and contained violence and forced misplaced comedy. But worst of all was one of the characters subvert. He was originally a psychopathic killer and became sort of a carnivalesque version of Cap. jack Sparow. paradoxically singing in harmony with those who would represent the agony of the imprisoned souls of their victims as macabre props ..your necrophiliac house was turned into a Disney musical stage. Not to mention he was defeated effortlessly by a challenger. By any reference to the original story, it should be a dark character and provide a real challenge to be defeated. To quote one of the many holes in the script, the story cites the need to cross all the houses of the signs, but some are summarily ignored. In short, it's a caricatured representation of what the anime represented over a very weak and careless script. The climax of the film is equally disappointing, contains all the clichés about confronting the grand final villain.


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